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Staging to Sell

Vital and absolutely essential to the home selling process! You can not afford NOT to stage a home in today's market. It is important not only to understand your homes true value and make nessesary changes for your best return but to have an objective eye, de-clutter and neutralize the home BEFORE you go to market. Working with a professional that understands the real estate market, has a clear understanding of current trends and knows your core audience will make the difference in making your house as  marketable as possible!






Redesign to Live

Looking for design to create a more powerful meaning to you? Busy and not enough time? Want solutions and have all these ideas in your head? Lots of social media pins and dog-eared magazines, but no idea how to get want you want? Redesign captures this very chaos and connects what you like with something you will fall in love with again, your home! 


Real Estate

Whether selling or buying, you want someone that knows the local market. Who has time for you, is honest, will work for your best interest at all times, is kind, dedicated, enthusiastic and connected. You want someone who can provide you with the best tools and services to help every step of the way. There are many agents out there!  Seasoned doesn't always mean the best and new doesn't always mean they have the most time to provide to you. Take all things into consideration!


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