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About TCT Designs, LLC

About Tracey

Born and raised in Fairfield County, Tracey was always surrounded by fine design and decor. She was always creative and loved design and photography. 

In 2010 Tracey decided to attend design courses at Fairfield University and she was hooked. From there she would design and redesign her home.  Tracey and her husband completely took on the task of transforming their home themselves, from the exterior landscape to kitchen and baths, to the inner workings of the home. Soon thereafter, friends and family started to request Tracey’s services and help.

In 2012 the family moved and Tracey quickly realized just how much people needed help to effectively market their homes and to be competitive. This is where Tracey gained an appreciation for Real Estate. In 2014, Tracey became a CT licenced Realtor and this was when TCT Designs, LLC was birthed! Being a licenced Realtor completely transformed the ability to provide the BEST possible service to her clients. Tracey sees real time what sells and what sits and has a keen ability to understand the market, the buyers and the sellers as well as the market value of homes. She understands what is needed to sell and where that money should be spent or where is it better off left in your pocket!

TCT Designs, LLC is passionate about providing the best possible service to clients through creative and beautifully designed spaces. The philosophy of TCT Designs, LLC is simple, Staging Works!

Tracey Trado


 The Mission 

To create beautiful spaces that sell faster and for top market value! TCT Designs, LLC believes that there is profound influence on potential buyers when a home is beautifully staged to “speak” to their emotions.  TCT Designs, LLC is passionate about design and creating beautiful spaces that not only excite  homeowners and potential buyers, but sell quicker and  command top market value.


Locally owned and operated Home Staging and Redesign company in Newtown, Connecticut servicing homeowners, real estate agents and investors. Founded in 2014, TCT Designs, LLC has consulted, staged and redesigned over 60 homes in the Fairfield County area with a proven track record of helping homeowners and real estate agents alike,  looking for a better competitive edge to sell quicker and for top dollars.

TCT Designs, LLC is making an impact with design, style and proven staging techniques that minimize the flaws of a home while accentuating the positives through inviting design and a welcoming ascetic that helps properties stand out from the competition. Staging is an investment and in today’s competitive market the investment is critical.

TCT Designs, LLC spends countless hours researching staging trends, design trends, market updates and current property inventory in order to provide clients with the best possible service available!  


What TCT Designs, LLC can provide:

In today’s market  you can not afford NOT to stage a property. TCT Designs, LLC will transform any house into a WARM INSPIRING HOME that will excite homeowners and potential buyers.

  • Consultations- Staging, color, design

  • Vacant staging: House to Home. Utilizing TCT Designs, LLC inventory as well as outside vendors

  • Accessory rentals and/or purchases

  • Lived In staging: Utilizing homeowners furnishings as best we can

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