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Let TCT Designs, LLC be part of your "team" and enhance your marketing package as you are creating a proposal for a new client. Often times Realtors will hire a professional photographer to take photos, but lets be honest...If the house doesn't look good, neither will the professional photography that you spent money on! As a realtor, you know the importance of home staging and that it helps sell homes quicker and for more money. TCT Designs, LLC can help a home stand out!  I can provide services to you for your clients in one of two ways. 1) I can prepare a specific plan/report based on improvements that need to be made/done after initial preview with you and/or your clients. Your clients can do as little or as much as they wish "DIY" as outlined in a detailed report complete with photos and suggestions and areas of focus or 2) I can prepare an action plan/proposal after an initial meeting with you and/or your client. I will stage the home on site for a hands on day(s) to create a beautifully staged and marketable home that stands out against the competition.  I would be happy to meet with you and your client to discuss our rates, how we can work together, etc.


 For Realtors 

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